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News from the League of Women Voters, St. Cloud Area (LWVSCA)


Centennial Exhibit

The League of Women Voters Minnesota (LWVMN) travelling exhibit "A Century of Civic Engagement" was on display at the Stearns History Museum during the summer. It will be shown at the Great River Regional Library, St. Cloud branch, from October 1 through November 30. The exhibit commemorates the 1920 passage of the 19th Amendment and the founding of LWVMN that same year. It was originally scheduled to travel during 2020 and was rescheduled due to the pandemic. 


Impact of the 2020 Census on Redistricting in the State of Minnesota

The League of Women Voters at the local, state and national levels remains focused on ensuring that redistricting efforts meet the highest standards of transparency and fairness. During the months of July and August the LWVSCA redistricting committee conducted interviews with administrators and elected officials representing the City of St. Cloud and Stearns County. These interviews addressed the redistricting process and the adoption of good practices such as soliciting public input for both the redistricting process and map drawing. One of the issues continues to be minority representation and input from communities of interest.

Almost all counties, about 80 cities and a few school districts must review and set the boundaries for the areas represented by those elected officials. Senate and House leaders in the Minnesota legislature are responsible for leading redistricting for our state government and Congressional districts but are not expected to reach agreement before the deadline. Hence, a (Supreme) Court Special Redistricting Panel is meeting statewide to take oral testimony from the public on redistricting priorities. LWVSCA members have prepared written and oral statements in regard to Congressional District 6 and Legislative Districts 14, 14A and 14B, as well as for communities of interest within these areas: St. Cloud School District #742, St. Cloud metro area, SCSU student population, and St. Cloud Somali community.


Monthly Meeting (via Zoom)

"Critical Race Theory Under Attack: Ramifications for Education in Minnesota"

Wednesday, November 10, 2021, 1:00--3:00 p.m.

In 2020, the phrase “critical race theory” rose to prominence due to critics using the concept to oppose classroom content or workplace training that addresses the effects of racism and segregation in the United States. Critical race theory is based on a specific meaning that differs from many of the recent popular portrayals. We will launch the discussion with a basic definition and examine the historic origins of the concept in higher education. We will compare the academic understanding of critical race theory with how current opponents are using the phrase. We will look closely at one example locally that illustrates how activism has developed around this issue.

Visitors who are interested in our meeting and discussion topics, can email us using the icon below to request more information.