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News from the League of Women Voters, St. Cloud Area (LWVSCA)

LWVSCA believes that the continued integrity and vitality of Minnesota's elections depend on informed voters and barrier-free access to the ballot. Legislatively in 2023, we supported expanding voter registration for Minnesotans with:

1. automatic voter registration when obtaining state issued IDs (opt out rather than opt in),

2. preregistration of 16- and 17-year-olds, and

3. restoration of voting rights for ex-offenders living in their communities. 


LWVSCA members are planning to participate in upcoming community events and can talk about these and other legislative priorities, as well as assist with voter registration

Learning about "good government" and civic engagement can begin in the primary and secondary grades, and then continue into higher education and beyond. Towards that end, we are available to visit schools and organizations to talk about election procedures and voting rights as key elements of participatory democracy.

In March, we celebrated the League of Women Voters in recognition of Women's History Month. The League has been at the forefront of advocacy for women's political representation since our founding on February 14, 1920. The League encourages women to exercise their voting rights, to seek elective office, and to provide input to their elected officials. We support public policies that contribute to women's legal equality, physical health and safety, and economic parity. To learn more about us at the local, state and national levels, go to the Membership page on this website.


Minnesota’s Indigenous Peoples: History, Reparations, and Decolonization

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

1:00--2:30 p.m., Bremer Room at St. Cloud Library and via Zoom

We will examine the history of native tribes/peoples in Minnesota and include subjects such as land cession treaties, forced removals from land, and the restoration of small portions of land to native communities. Our panel, comprised of local League members, will discuss ideas that have been introduced regarding meaningful land reparation as way to return respect, wealth and land to native tribes/peoples.


To request information about an LWVSCA event, use the email icon in the box below.


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