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Join the League of Women Voters, St. Cloud Area (LWVSCA) 

Guests and visitors are invited to attend LWVSCA meetings and special events to observe or assist. Friends of the LWVSCA might prefer to continue informal involvement but often become members to increase the depth of their participation—from planning monthly meetings to organizing community outreach events and candidate forums. 

Any person age 16 or older may join the League of Women Voters. Membership in a local League includes being a member of a state League and the national League. LWVSCA members are also members of League of Women Voters of Minnesota and League of Women Voters of the the United States. This multi-level membership opens opportunities for learning about issues and advocating for action at various levels of government.

The League of Women Voters affirms its commitment to reflecting the diversity of the membership and strives to overcome barriers of gender, race, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin, or disability in the activities of the organization. 

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